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Bacterial Infectious Desease
Blood Grouping
Drug Of Abuse
Latex Serology
Parasit Malaria
Urine Specimen Test
Vacum Blood Tube
Viral Infectious Desease

PT. Jafarel Mediatics
Jl. Kendal No. 6 Menteng
Jakarta Pusat - 10310, Indonesia
Telp. : +62 21 314 9027
Fax. : +62 21 390 6956
Email : mediatics.co@cbn.net.id

• Pt. Jafarel Mediatics (“Jafarel”) was founded on 27 January 2005, as per Notary deed Rini Soemintapoera, Jakarta Selatan no. 5/2005. Jafarel’s inception was based on the founders’ social awareness and concern toward the inadequate medical services to the
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